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Our Mission

TIMCO is a full service Data, Fiber, Voice, Paging and Multi Media cabling contractor specializing in the installation of cabling systems for the Commercial, and School environment. TIMCO has been in the Tele-Communications industry for 28 years and we pride ourselves on service and dedication to quality in the work place. The 10 member TIMCO core administrative and project management staff of seasoned foreman and tradesman have an average of 10 years experience in working around business and school work areas. Each employee is committed to exceeding the expectations of each and every client. Their high standards, extensive experience and professionalism enable TIMCO to perform a wide range of projects and sizes ranging from a few cables to 3,000 cables. TIMCO's business mission is to assume all responsibility for a complete and thorough installation based on the latest TIA-EIA standards and to do more than is necessary to perform a thorough and complete Installation. They, along with the rest of the organization, understand the owner's perspective and requirements and are dedicated to helping our clients meet the challenges of an ever changing business and technology environment.



Service Offerings


The Installation contracting services provide by TIMCO begins as early as the initial design concept. For today's networking architecture it is true in many cases that the cabling is the network. Cabling installations demand a thorough analysis of the needs and applications of the network. However cabling should be discreet and fit harmoniously within the aforementioned environments. No matter what you spend on communications equipment it will not function properly without the right cabling, expertly installed. That is why TIMCO's installations are carried out to the highest standards.



Timco will provide timely request for adds, move or changes and immediate response for maintenance or warranty requests. WARRANTIES Provide manufacturers warranties and TIMCO warranties. Our cabling teams ensure that the entire installation is put through a rigorous testing procedure using the latest technology. We provide you with test results, documentation and the manufacturers 25-year warranty.



TIMCO has worked extensively with different furniture systems (Knoll, Haywoth, Steelcase, Rock-Way and Herman Miller) in the installation of Data, Fiber and Voice cabling to individual cubicles. Our tradesman have been specially trained to work around occupied areas with minimum disruption of office personnel.



Our technicians have extensive experience in working in IDF's and MDF's and are very careful to avoid causing any delay or disruption of existing telecommunications services.  TIMCO works with many manufactures to provide extended Component and Performance Warranties.


TIMCO Service offerings continue to grow  with PRE-CONSTRUCTION Design evaluation, Alternative solution (If requested), Evaluation of long lead times, and Scheduling Value Engineering.  Our expertise include:


         End to End Design

        Data cablilng

        Voice cabling

        Horizontal/Backbone Cabling

        Fiber Cabling

        Multi Media Retrieval Systems

        Coax RG6, RG11 and .50 shielded cabling

        Data, Fiber Voice and Coax Patch panels

        Data, Voice Jacks of all types

        Floor standing Racks and Cabinets

        Installation in Furniture - Furniture Integration

        Fusion Fiber Splicing

        Outside Plant Installations

        Multi Media Cabling

        Installation of Telephone Systems

        Installation of Sound Systems





        Card Access


        Fire Alarm/Life Safety Systems

        American Hospital Association



General Information:


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